About US

Why Choose Islington Tech

Islington Tech, Established in 2019. We have grown to be one of the industry leaders in smart device repairs. Our service, Quality, and Reputation are most important and have driven us to succeed. Plan on Opening more Store fronts nationwide in the near future.

Islington Tech Shop Provides Repairs to most Portable devices such as Mobile phone, Tablets, Ipads, Laptops and MacBooks. Our experienced staff, extensive knowledge, Skills, and sophisticated equipment puts us ahead of the competition. Our Certified technicians are trained to provide superior service, highly Specialized & advanced repairs, and the most beneficial solution for your situation, regardless of make or model.
Islington Tech can offer repair devices that could not be repaired anywhere else. We are capable of doing all repairs to any device- hardware and software issues, we are not limited to Liquid damage, PCB Micro-soldering/repairs, and IC replacements. We regularly source new suppliers and equipment to provide the lowest trade repair cost/the highest quality repairs.